The Early Days of Panagra


A Photo Album

The Early Days of Panagra - Photo AlbumGustavo Vidal was with Pan American-Grace Airways at it's inception in 1929 and was the airline's first Comptroller. (A brief summary of his career at Panagra, can be found here.) Vidal remained with the airline as Comptroller and Vice President until November 1950. At that time, he assembled a photo album highlighting the early years of Panagra, complete with an accompanying typed list of descriptions of each photo.

When Vidal passed away in 1975 many of his files went into storage. The photo album surfaced again for the first time in 2012, and is presented here in its entirety. To view it, click on the album on the right.

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In addition to the photo album, also found in Vidal's possessions were:

For further information and images of the airline, Chip and Jef Reahard have made an outstanding home for Panagra on the internet. Visit for the definitive Panagra website.

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